Thursday, September 02, 2010

The enemy never sleeps

Chuck Norris, a man who should have no fame, pushes the bible on our public schools because he thinks it will save our nation. Christians will never stop pushing. We must push back. We must fight teaching the bible in public schools, even as an elective. Don’t compromise on allowing entry of the Christian message, our default position should be no teaching the bible in public schools. Our fall back should be teaching about Christianity in a comparative religion course.

Did he ever really learn to act? He was a punching bag for Bruce Lee and for some reason kept his career alive on pseudo heroics and macho bullshit. Now he prostitutes himself for the cause. I have no respect for the man. Some of this has to do with a visit he paid to my grandfather’s gas station in Lynwood back in the late 60s. The name Chuck Norris has been associated with wrongdoing since I was a child, so yes, some of this is personal.