Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christian bigot Andrew Shirvell

I thought this was a joke, but then Anderson Cooper raked Michigan’s assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell over the coals regarding his bigoted and hateful attack of Chris Armstrong via an anonymous blog called Chris Armstrong Watch. Chris is the student body president at Michigan State and happens to be gay. Shirvell is a Christian who thinks Chris is a representative of the devil. Since were calling people names, a raving Christian homophobe and a total Nutball.

At that site, Armstrong, a college student who happens to be gay, has been subjected by Mr. Shirvell to a barrage of insults and attacks unworthy of the office of Attorney General.

He has doctored photos to show Mr. Armstrong emblazoned with a Nazi swastika surrounded by a rainbow flag.

He has referred to Mr. Armstrong as “Satan’s representative on the Student Assembly.”

And he has described Mr. Armstrong as a “Nazi-like” recruiter for “the cult that is homosexuality.”

Source: MI Attorney General: Fire anti-gay cyber-bully Andrew Shirvell

My take on this is that Shirvell has an unhealthy attraction to young Chris Armstrong. I think a restraining order is warranted. Can somebody explains how this is something a Christians should do? Where is Jesus in this hatefest?