Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And now in odd Catholic news

AC/DC and Queen have been banned from funerals.

Catholics in Australia will no longer be able to hear songs by AC/DC or Queen at funerals. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne announced a ban on the use of pop music at funerals last week, claiming that the use of secular pop music is not a proper "celebration of the life of" the deceased.

Queen I could understand. Death on Two Legs, Dead On Time, Don’t try Suicide, Heaven For Everybody, I Want It All, I Want To Break Free, In The Lap Of Gods, It’s A Beautiful Day, Jesus, and Keep Yourself Alive. All so cheesy. I prefer: John Lee Hooker – Burnin’ Hell

I guess if you’re catholic it is the church’s way or you must go secular, or god forbid, UU.

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