Monday, August 23, 2010

Where do I stand on the mosque?

I’ve been asked to join protests against building a mosque at Ground Zero. My response is always no.

I have friends you are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and just about every other religion you can name. I can’t tell what they believe unless I ask them.  They are Americans. They go to their Churches, mosques, and temples when they feel like it. I could care less about what the believe or how they worship. I care when what they do crosses over into trying to tell me who to live my life. As Americans they have the right to worship whatever and wherever they please. If they can afford the price tag on the real estate at Ground Zero, by all means, build the  mosque.

As an atheist I think religion is a waste of time. If religion is something other people want to do, I don’t really care. It is their business.

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