Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stealing from a church

A friend said, “But they stole from a church!” As if it were somehow worse than stealing from a person or another type of business. I countered with my normal argument, saying that people steal all the time and that a church is no different that any other type of business. Except for when you place too much trust in the hands of a few people and don’t set up appropriate controls.  Like in this case. Church struggling financially after couple allegedly embezzles $366K.
AlanRoland LindaRoland
Alan Roland and his ugly wife Linda were arrested after the church found it had no funds.
“Both defendants admitted to using their positions as treasurer and assistant treasurer to embezzle money belonging to Way of the Cross Baptist Church for the past 10 to 12 years by writing checks from the church’s bank accounts to themselves,” Mount Holly Police Detective L.M. Addis wrote in a warrant affidavit.
The Rolands appeared before Judge Angela Hoyle Thursday afternoon to ask for a court-appointed attorney. They sat on a wooden pew awaiting their names to be called, but the audience of other first appearances was much different from Sunday services at Way of the Cross.
They claim that they are broke. They have no explanation for what happened to the money. He was the church treasurer, she was the church secretary. Both are hypocrites.
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