Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Man sued over pornographic image of Jesus

I saw an image some time ago on Reddit. I remember thinking that it looked like Jesus had an erection. I thought it was funny until I realized that the image was a real picture taken in the Church of Warr Acres. I thought it unlikely that an artist can screw something like this up and still have it displayed in a church. I’m sure I was not the first person to react this way. Now I’ve read the a man is being sued for posting the picture on his blog under German obscenity laws.

I received mail today by the State Office of Criminal Investigation regarding an illustration of Jesus Chris on twitpic I linked to several weeks ago. I am accused of profanity.

Interestingly, the picture was taken in the Church of Warr Acres and is not photoshopped. Just recently it ignited a debate about the phallic depiction of the abdominal muscles.

Jesus, du hast aber tolle Bauchmus... äh ... OH MEIN GOTT! on Twitpic

Interesting is right, and dumb too. It’s just bad art, very bad art.

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