Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clergy sexual abuse reported in China

Li Yi, a Taoist priest and possible fitness and wellbeing cult leader, is being investigated for the alleged rape of a student.  Abuse of power and clergy sexual abuse extent to all corners of the globe. Any religion with a priesthood is capable of producing predators - even Taoist priests can rape.

Li Yi, renowned for his expensive health programs, has 30,000 followers, including Ma Yun, president of Alibaba.com and pop singer Faye Wong, the Southern Weekend reported earlier.

A former follower of Li reported to the Chongqing National Committee for Religious Affairs Saturday that Li had committed several crimes.

Speaking to the Global Times on condition of anonymity, she said a college student had been raped by Li around 2004. The former follower said the incident had been reported to the local police, but Li spent 7,000 yuan ($1,030) to successfully settle the matter.

Having spent time in China I can translate. Li Yi has grown in power an influence beyond the control of the central government, therefore it is time to look at his alleged rape charge.  I’m just saying… it is China after all. They don’t have anything like a free press or even FOX News.