Sunday, August 08, 2010

Introducing No Religion Know Reason

Please join me in welcoming  on of the newest members of the Atheist Blogroll, No Religion Know Reason

My blog No Religion Know Reason has been created to highlight the issues related to religion which affect our world, with a particular focus on my home region of the Caribbean. I am originally from Barbados and I have seen how a strong belief in God can build community but at the same time hold society back as the associated dogma can stunt scientific progress and social development. I am now living in Canada and being able to look at my culture from the outside has helped me to recognise even more how faith and religion so often trump logic and reason in the islands.

I have only identified myself as an atheist in the last two years or so and I am still battling with the social and cultural implications of " coming out." Some of my writings address that challenging but exciting journey while others explain some of my emerging philosophical positions on God, faith and the church. I try to write in a way that makes readers think, whether they come from a theistic, agnostic or atheistic perspective. Although I always try to make a serious point my aim is to keep the approach light hearted so that readers will find the posts fun and entertaining.

At the end of the day my mission is to promote the virtues of reason over faith in whatever corner of the globe. I look forward to sharing with you and hope you enjoy joining me on my journey of reflection and discovery.

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