Thursday, August 19, 2010

He made parks

I met John Chase once a long time ago. He died on last Friday. He was 57. Chase was an architect. He like to put parks and trees into his work. I admired him for that. He always considered what people needed to live in the spaces he designed.

I have a copy of Glitter Stucco & Dumpster Diving. Reflections on building producing in the vernacular city. It’s a collection of his essays that I’ve always found particularly insightful.

I loved his mustache too. I wish I could grow one like it.

I’ve been reflecting on death since my father passed. I’m almost 50 now and have entered the stage in life where your friends start dying with increased frequency. In the last month I’ve lost 4. Life is short. You don’t realize it until the end.

Losing people like John Chase hurts too. I want to live in the city he designed.

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