Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goodbye Magic Jeff

JeffWasley Youth pastor Jeff Wasley was sentenced to 20-years in federal prison for videotaping children in public restrooms. Know as “Magic Jeff” because of his love for performance magic and his volunteer work at schools and hospitals, he opted for a plea instead of risking a much longer sentence. Let’s face it, who wants a magician/youth pastor chasing children around in the restroom. He would have went away for life. Magic Jeff is a freak.

Prosecutors said Wasley waited in the restrooms for children who came in without an adult and offered to help them.

When law enforcement agents searched his home, they found more than 17,000 images of child pornography on his computers, including six of boys using restrooms at four different stores -- either a Target or Walmart.

Magic Jeff worked at Calvary Jesus Church in Kennesaw. The church has removed its website. My guess is that will rise again under a new name and conveniently forget its past.

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