Thursday, June 10, 2010

I don't think prayer will work Jim

Rev. Jim Woodard thinks a twice daily mass prayer seeking relief from the effects of the BP oil spill will heal the land. The more people who pray, the more chance of winning the prayer lottery. God may hear a prayer and act on it. We will know becuase the land will be healed, and the ocean too. Let's hope the ocean is covered.

On Friday, Woodard launched a website,, urging readers to consider Chronicles 7:13-14, in which God promises to heal the land if people turn to him in prayer.

"I know people are already praying," Woodard said. "I'm not downplaying that. But I thought, what would happen if we focused all that? What would happen if we got people to stop, twice a day, and pray about this?"

I'm sure the is something they could do, something that involves getting off their knees, something active that yields direct results. What is that word again?  Oh, now I remember, it's called work. Pastor Woodard should encourage people to work to relieve the affects of the oil spill. It seems so simple? How did he miss that? Oh wait, prayer must be easier than work.

Prayer is easy, work is hard.

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