Monday, May 10, 2010

Youth pastor Rico Escudero convicted

It leaves me numb.


Youth pastor Rico Escudero pleaded “no contest”, which means he does not admit guilt but acknowledges he would have been convicted. He raped three young girls.

"The case involved allegations of sexual assault on three separate victims, all of whom were 14 and younger," Riedel said. "All of these young women knew Mr. Escudero through Victory Outreach Church, which his father is the primary pastor of. (Escudero) was doing work with the church too. At some point, he was the youth pastor."

God had a chance to kill this rat bastard in 2003. Escudero was shot passing out fliers for his church’s “Stop the Violence” campaign. Why God, why? Did you want the girls to suffer?

btw… That line of thinking leads to insanity. I’m just saying.