Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When learning pisses me off

I learned a new term today, malignant ascites, and it's a nasty bastard. I picked it up while researching what my stepfather is experiencing while fighting fight colon cancer. What I think he's going through now, this stage called malignant ascites,  it's insidious and ugly. It took me hours to wrap my head around it.

When he needs to eat to live he cannot. When he's at his weakest, cancer throws a knockout punch. He's a fighter though, and lately it's been one hard blow after another from an opponent that does not tire. But he always rises to the bell. Punch drunk and winded, he steps up for another round, knowing that eventually he will lose the fight. It's sobering to watch. He's much braver that I ever imagined.

I'm a long way from home. It bothers me so.

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