Saturday, May 15, 2010

Regret those tatoos much?

I'm safe here at the hotel in Suzhou, China. It took 24 hours to travel from my home in Buena Park to my room at the hotel. I will never get used to the trip.It takes too damn long and I can't sleep on the flight.
My flight was uneventful but not it First or Business class. I'm convinced United Airlines tells you your position on the waitlist just to make you think they love you. I flew in couch, and it a middle seat too. The flight was hell.

I met a man named Carl on the flight. He sat to my left. Carl was heavily tattooed. He had a sleeve on his left arm and a partial on his right. The ink was religious. A large cross. A picture of Jesus descending from clouds, a WWJD badge. I figured him for a hip youth pastor, he was a software engineer. Carl regretted the tattoos. At one time he was engaged to a devout Christian named Molley. The relationship cooled, as had his faith. The tats remained.

He called himself an agnostic. He was really a theist. We spoke for an hour on general religions topics. I let him tell me his story. At times we flirting with deeper religious issues. I kept my atheism out of the discussion. I almost asked the dreaded, "Why are you so hurt" question. But stopped myself. I knew the answer; her name was Molly.

Regret those tattoos much?

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