Friday, May 28, 2010

Twin Mormon abusers, or not

Two identical twins stand accused of child molestation. Both were Mormon missionaries at the time of the crime. One admits his guilt and is awaiting sentencing. The other claims innocence and asserts mistaken identity as his defense. He says, "I was and never have been interested in young boys." Except for the time he accidentally brushed the boys genitals. He was not interested  in young boys, no, he just happened to touch the boy's junk.

John Patrick Conway is using his brother as an excuse to escape accountability for molesting a 14-year-old boy in a LDS Church back in the early 80s.  Conway would have been about 18 at the time the abuse started.

The case is a conundrum. It comes down to the word of a convicted pedophile, John's brother Martyn, and an abuse youth. Since John Conway's trial is about to go to a jury, I'll predict a conviction. Mistaken identity is too convenient of an excuse. I think the jury will see this for what it is, one brother trying to take the fall for another.

Is there another party at fault here? I think the LDS church bears some responsibility. They send thousands of young adults around the world every year on Mormon missionary work. These kids are fresh out of high school and in their sexual prime. A higher standard of adult supervision is required. The buddy system does not work if both parties are corrupt. An additional system of oversight is required.

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