Saturday, May 29, 2010

A sickness that eats the mind

13-years-ago a 15-year-old girl named Tina Anderson was forced to stand in front of her church and apologize for becoming pregnant. An adult member of the church named Ernest Willis allegedly raped her. She was his babysitter. After her public humiliation, she was spirited away to Colorado, where she lived with another pastor until she gave her baby up for adoption. If you need additional proof that religion is a sickness that eats the mind, look no further than this statement.

"He made me sit down and write a letter of apology to the rapist's wife for betraying her trust by seducing her husband. I basically wrote what they told me to write," she said. "I think it's completely disgusting. It's wrong."

Tina Anderson was allegedly raped by a member of her church,  then mind-raped by her church and her pastor. She was hidden from police and kept from her family and friends. And finally, she was mind-raped all over again by her Christian host family. All in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Chuck Phelps claims victimhood in this case. He claims that he reported the crime to the police, but the police did nothing. It's not his fault, no, the police screwed everything up. His one phone call washes away all responsibility. Of course, He left out the part where a conspiracy of silence hid the victim from police and protected his friend, the alleged rapist. 

"I never once got a call from the Concord police. ... They simply didn't do anything. This is unconscionable, what's happening to the Church here and to my reputation,"

I have one question for you Chuck Phelps. Why did you publically humiliate a rape victim? Where does it say to do that in your bible? Is public humiliation for rape victims core to Baptist theology? Allowing a child to suffer psychological damage in some half-assed attempt at restoring her and repairing the reputation of the rapist is sadistic. You are sick.

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to those who read my blog, Chuck Phelps is a Baptist. The original church involved was Trinity Baptist Church in Concord. Phelps now works as the Senior Pastor for Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis.

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