Sunday, May 02, 2010

The questionable past of Ray McBerry

A longtime friend of Deep Thoughts named Volly sent me a link to a disturbing story about a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia named Ray McBerry. He stands accused of clergy sexual abuse from his days as a youth pastor.

Rachel Gandee alleges that McBerry, while a youth pastor at a small storefront church, used his position and authority to pursue an inappropriate sexual relationship with her.  She was a teen at the time. He was married.

Over the past few weeks, Rachel Gandee has eased herself onto the public stage, starting with a detailed account of her relationship with McBerry on, a southwest Georgia political blog run by Jeff Sexton. “The truth getting told,” she wrote, “might help me get over all this.”

McBerry calls himself the only states’ rights candidate in the 2010 race for governor. He has little chance of winning, but drew nearly 12 percent of the vote in the ’06 primary.

You can read her story here

Soon after the white water rafting trip, Him and his wife got a divorce, that’s when it got serious so to say. He got me a cell phone so that my parents wouldn’t see me calling him or him calling me. At this time I was into Instant Messenger, and when my parents and the new youth pastor started to realize that something was going on. He got me two programs of spyware so that my parents couldn’t see what I was doing. I started to go to his house after his wife moved out, after school or on the days when I had band practice at 6 instead of right after school, between the time school let out and time to be there I would go to his house.

OK Georgia… What the hell?