Friday, April 02, 2010

Youth Pastor Matthew Overstreet arrested

In the interest of accuracy Matthew Jonas Overstreet is a former youth pastor. However, he allegedly started the abuse of his 13-year-old victim while he was a youth pastor at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. Overstreet stands accused of sexual assault.

Police said over the next few years 25-year-old Matthew Jonas Overstreet continued sending her sexual messages. He allegedly sexually assaulted her in December.

I recently conducted a lengthy e-mail exchange with a member of the faithful who pressed me to stop reporting these crimes because they “hurt the church.” One of her arguments centered on the Christian theme of divine judgment. She kept insisting that God will judge these men harshly. I asked about redemption by faith and the whole free ticket out of punishment that prayer offers. I mean, the only unpardonable sin is supposed to be rejecting the divinity of God. All this other stuff is pardonable.  So what if God judges them harshly? Exactly what punishment are we talking here? She had no meaningful answers.

I feel better knowing that these people are treated to a few years of real justice while alive here on earth.

Texas has issues.