Friday, April 02, 2010

I miss a few

There are other people watching pedophile pastors. Some do a better job of catching the worst of the worst. Christa Brown at  Stop Baptist Predators is a good example. She’s been on a mission for a  long time. I read her blog to keep up with her fight to bring accountability to the Southern Baptist power structure. She’s got a story about an Indiana pastor named Daniel Moore who pleaded guilty to child sex crimes yet is protected by his former and current churches. It’s disquieting. You cannot trust Southern Baptists. They care more about their pastors than their children.

Daniel Moore, shown in the photo, was the pastor of New Whiteland Baptist Church in Franklin, Indiana. He was arrested about a year ago, but to this day, the church website still lists him as “pastor.”

The Catholics are fighting a public battle over their unbelievable crass handling of clergy sex abuse cases. Baptist fight in silence. Christa holds them accountable.

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