Saturday, April 24, 2010

You need Jesus

It’s the little encounters with the overtly faithful that amuse me the most. Take this morning. I was driving along the route to my parents house while listening to Sublime’s acoustic version of Pool Shark. The song starts slow but at 1:22 amps up to pure ska punk madness. I love it. My windows were down. The bass was pumping, and the volume was pegged as high as I could stand it. I was alone, happy, and in my own world. It was Saturday morning bliss.

now i got the needle
and i can shake but i can't breath
i take it away
but i want more, and more
one day i'm gonna lose the war.

Lyrics from Pool Shark - Sublime

I was waiting at a traffic light when Pool Shark hit the 1:22 mark. The car next to me honked its horn several times. I heard a lady shout, “You need Jesus!” from the car to my left. She was waving a bible in my direction while giving me the stink eye. My response… “I know, I love Sublime.”  She was not amused.

Watch it yourself…


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