Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introducing Billybee

Please join me in welcoming  newest member of the Atheist Blogroll, billybee.

Heathens Greetings !

18 years ago I began to emerge from the fog of Christian Fundamentalism. It was at that point that I finally began to really see life in a brand new way.

I am now an atheist who contributes often to my local Newspaper's Op-ed page as well as I have helped organize an Atheist Meet Up Group here in my local area.

I'm a native Idahoan. Born in Lewiston, raised in Twin Falls and currently live in Caldwell. I'm from a musical family. My dad was a professional musician and I have two older brothers that are musicians and two older sister who are smarter than their brothers... Also four of my nephews play and work in bands down in Austin. My saintly wife, Elly, and I have two awesome daughters and we live in Caldwell. I also have a son. Elly is a yard sale junkie and homemaker and I fix up old houses when I'm not playing music.

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