Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sometimes it’s about addiction

BerthaWright Pastor Bertha Wright allegedly tired to buy prescription drugs with a fake prescription. She was buying methadone, hydrocodone, and Carisoprodol along with another drugs. Pastor Wright appears to have a large monkey on her back. Apparently, being a pastor or pastor’s wife, does not prevent one from succumbing to the lure of drugs. Her church is pissed.

This is our pastor’s wife and it’s had destroyed the hearts of the church members,” said Michael Williams, a lifelong AOH Church of God member. “This is really breaking and sad news to our entire church, because we didn’t know anything about it.”

Pastor Wright did not tell her church of her arrest on March 5th, nor did her husband, Pastor Levon Wright. They kept it a secret until the story broke in the press. I wonder if they thought it might impact their income? They are such hypocrites.

"They're preaching and praying, but they're not talking and telling the truth," Williams said. "And that's wrong. Don't preach and tell us to live right, and you ain't living right."

The Wrights preach at AOH Church of God in Mount Vernon, Georgia. I hear their show closes soon.

Drug addicts, once an addict, always an addict. They need honest help and lots of love, but trust should be in short supply unless earned.