Sunday, April 04, 2010

Introducing The Blessed Atheist Bible Study

Please join me in welcoming our newest Atheist Blogroll member, The Blessed Atheist Bible Study.

This is KKBundy of The Blessed Atheist Bible Study.

For years whenever I would gain the upper hand in discussions of religion or politics with my born-again mother she would pull out her trump card and tell me to read my Bible as if that was the final authority on all matters.  While I tried to tell her that this was illogical, she could never understand how someone who professed no belief in God also held the bible in no higher reverence as a moral guide than Homer or the Koran or Archie Comics.

In addition, I watch the world with growing alarm as the champions of superstition continue to take the reins of science in hand for their own purposes.  The biblical literalists and young Earth creationists are a danger to our world by their minimizing science and using THEIR faith to guide all of US in areas where knowledge would be a far better light.  I fully believe these people represent a danger to our world.  With Climate change and overpopulation, to name just two, we need science now more than ever.  In their hands we are doomed!

After years of reading some scripture here and there and seeing how it's vast contradictions and discrepancies could be used against it, I finally decided to take Mom's advice. Though It's not quite as she intended.  So I have Started the Blessed Atheist Bible Study to look deeply into the matters biblical.  In it I take the literal view of the Bible and try to humorously and irreverently poke holes in the absurdities,while at the same time, giving my best at serious commentary.   Oh, the things I've found!  This bronze age work of fiction is a hoot, and I have rarely be so entertained. I chuckle constantly, evilly my wife tells me, on finding some new silliness.  But I believe that these are the arguments we can use against people who seem impervious to logic or reason.  This is my way to fight superstition and promote science.

Come and see for yourselves. Have some fun and join in the fight.

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