Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If Javon is resurrected…

If Javon is resurrected, the plea will be withdrawn. This must be the most bizarre statement to be included in a criminal plea agreement ever. It’s an odd ending to  a horrible case of child abuse.

ria-ramkissoon Christian cultists Ria Ramkissoon starved her son to death on the orders of cult leader Queen Antoinette. Javon, a 16-month-old boy, never had a chance. His mother watched him die. Ramkissoon was given a lenient sentence.

Ramkissoon, who has been in jail since her 2008 arrest, was given five years probation on Wednesday and must complete the program at a residential treatment facility. It is Christian-based and out-of-state.

Of course, all bets are off if little Javon is resurrected.

The plea agreement contained an extraordinary provision asked for by Ramkissoon: If Javon is resurrected, the plea will be withdrawn.

Remember, Ramkisson was the victim here. She was mislead and deceived by her pastor. Let’s send her to another pastor… Yeah… that will work.

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