Sunday, February 14, 2010

Introducing Protostellar Clouds

Mat was kind enough to provide and introduction to his blog Protostellar Clouds. I enjoy doing these introductions as it gives me some insight into the people behind the words. Enjoy.


My name is Mat, and I am the author of Protostellar Clouds. I don't have one main topic in mind about which I hope to write, but rather a plethora of interests, though I'm sure my posts will most frequently be about atheism, religion and related philosophical topics. My two main interests and influences are Nietzsche and Camus. I also have a strong interest in legal philosophy and jurisprudence, and am currently studying to be a paralegal (seeing as how no one wants to hire someone with a philosophy degree to think for them these days), so I'm sure legal topics, especially related to LGBT civil rights, separation of church and state, and ending the war on drugs, will crop up as well.

Additionally, as a music and film junkie, I love to wax rhapsodically about those songs and movies which move me, and rant and rave about those that don't. I also enjoy analyzing all manner of pop culture phenomena and seeing how they relate to or embody different philosophical ideas, either explicitly or implicitly.

By starting this blog, I hope to share and clarify my thoughts and feelings regarding the matters about which I will write. Secondarily, I hope to improve my writing. Above all, if this doesn't sound terribly pretentious, I hope my writing will be an impetus for others and myself to think, and thereby become, better.

May the IPU, pbuh, mhhnbs, bless you!

Please visit his blog and welcome him to the Atheist Blogroll.

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