Sunday, February 14, 2010

G. Love at the House of Blues

My wife and I saw G. Love and Special Sauce at the House of Blues on Sunset last night. Redeye Empire opened the show. We had a good time. The show was great. G. Love played a lively set to a large and active crowd.

As I get older, I notice the world seems to be full of people a lot younger than me. I felt it last night. The crowd was Mojoey –25 years. It’s all good though, they did not notice me, except for the few I stepped on.

I’ve only been to the HOB on Sunset once before, and that was about 15 years ago. The funny thing is, well… I don’t remember who I saw. I remember the venue, where I stood, even the table where I ate dinner. I cannot remember who I saw. It is a blank. I think it may have been a cover band. Christ I’m getting old. Does anybody remember who played the HOB on as their Monday night cover band back in the mid 90s?

I include a video for Redeye Empire. I liked them. Their bass player kicks ass.

They left my ears ringing. I ended up buying a CD.

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