Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I miss summer

It’s February, that means the Ragamuffin Festival will hit LA on the 2oth. February is my reggae month. It happens every year. Bob Marley’s birthday is the 6th. I celebrate his birthday every year. The Ragamuffin festival was called the Bob Marley day festival. I liked it better then. I seriously regret not seeing Marley in concert in the 70s when I had a chance. What was I thinking?

The festival gives me a chance to reconnect, if only for a weekend. My wife does not approve. She cannot handle the contact high that comes from sitting in an area so full of smoke that it is hard to see the stage. My son does not approve because it is reggae, which in his book is much too close to being a hippy. My friends don’t approve because they would not know good music if it bit them on the ass. I don’t care. I love the reggae.

I was hopping OPM would make the show. They've been killing me lately. Check out Square Peg.

Nice eh?


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