Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Youth Pastor Robert Weber arrested

RobertWeber Baptist youth pastor Robert Weber was arrested December 29, 2009 for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The indictment details three sexual encounters Weber allegedly had with the teen in August and October last year.

Webber was arrested late last month and posted bond the same day.

This super creepy 44-year-old youth pastor… why are they always 44? Anyway, he was re-assigned by his church. It bothers me when they reassign clergy at the same church. His victim attends the same church. At a minimum they should suspend him until the issue is resolved. But they won’t. As Baptists they will circle the wagons to fight us outsiders and put the victim through hell in the process. Righteous idiots till the end…

Robert Weber was the youth pastor at the Second Baptist church of Odessa, Texas. He is married with two children, a son and daughter. His church removed any mention of him from their website, which is typical, but Google cache remembers all.

Robert Weber joined the Staff of Second Baptist in 2004 as our Minister of Youth and Family Ministries. He is originally from Long Island, New York, but for most of his life Texas has been his home.   Robert, a graduate of Howard Payne University, was involved in other careers before he felt God's call to work with students. Robert is married…

I’m not going to drag is wife and kids into this, so no names.

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