Saturday, December 12, 2009

John Freshwater’s truthiness

John Freshwater has appeared here on my blog several times. He came to my attention after branding a student with a cross in 2008. Now he’s fighting for his job and spinning his story in the process.

JohnFreshwaterThe handouts, describing how species such as the woodpecker and giraffe could not have evolved, were used to demonstrate faulty analysis, bias and the wrongful application of the scientific method, Freshwater said.

Right – these handouts were creationist pseudoscience and a blatant attempt at undermining evolution on religious grounds.

Freshwater testified that he was not trying to hide the material.

"I try to conserve paper. I would use them over and recycle them. If a kid's absent, I'd say 'What you need is right over there on the shelf.' "

Right… not sending the handouts home had nothing to do with keeping parents ignorant of your efforts. You were all about green teaching. I see that now.

The problem here is credibility. Freshwater pushed his Christian educational agenda openly. Now that he is exposed, he is not man enough to stand up and take responsibility. I’m sure the martyrs would be proud.