Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Going to the debate tonight

I must admit, I’m a little apprehensive. I’m going to a debate tonight and it scares me. I’m not social. I prefer the company of my own small family and friends. Most of my social experiences, especially with my fellow atheists, or the occasional Christian group, are uncomfortable. There are so many odd people out there. I tend to meet them all. On the other hand, it does give me something to write about.

The debate is called “Does God of the Bible Exist?” The title is odd, I think it should read “Does the God of the Bible Exist?’ Am I wrong here?

I also a little concerned because this is a Bruce Gleason production. My previous experiences with him have been odd. Had I known, I would not have attended.

Gleason produces the incomprehensibly bad Atheist themed TV show called the Orange County Atheist TV show.  I actually caught it on my local cable channel recently. I thought it was a joke. Check out a random sample, after your eyeballs explode, watch a “best of” reel from the Atheist Experience for a good example of Atheists on TV.

BTW – Does anyone know how Matt scores above 300K on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook? It drives me crazy.

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