Saturday, November 21, 2009

Youth pastor William Lohn guilty

WilliamLohn2 Youth pastor William Charles Lohn pleaded guilty to charges he stole over $60K from Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church. He will serve 9 months in prison plus ten years probation and must make restitution to his former church.

Randles told Crigler that Lohn had begun writing himself additional paychecks from the church about three years ago.

At one point, Lohn had repaid some $2,700 and Randles said that the minister "always had the intent to repay the money" but over a period of time, it became "no longer feasible" for Lohn to pay back the rest "and cover up what had been done."

Lohn is a Baptist so I’m sure he has another youth pastor gig lined up just down the road in Springfield. On a youth pastors salary it will take 20 years to pay back the load. I’m sure he will land at some church as a senior pastor, now that he has experience and all.

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