Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing My Thoughts

Alessa, the writer behind My Thoughts, provides members of the Atheist blogroll an introduction to her blog. Enjoy. 

I'm an aspiring writer with a secular worldview; an advocate of rational thought. I have created this blog with the determination to promote critical thinking to the public. Although I feel that everyone is entitled to believe what they want - as long as nobody suffers from it - I also think that there is an intellectual and moral emergency where religion is concerned; one that needs to be addressed by those who can offer a sensible solution without calling upon the words of Scripture.The Atheist community needs to come together in unity and purpose. Please join me in embracing this wonderful natural world of ours with the reverence it deserves; accrediting its success to you and me, and not to a deity.

Please drop in and say hi.

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