Friday, November 13, 2009

Tony Alamo sentenced to 125 years

Pastor and cult leader Tony Alamo was sentenced to 125 years in prison for taking underage girls across state lines for sex. At 75, Alamo will never see freedom again.

A woman Alamo took as a child "bride" at age 8 challenged the evangelist from the witness stand Friday to submit himself to God's judgment. Reading from lined notebook paper, she said Alamo tore her family apart by taking her as a child bride and described how she shook uncontrollably when he first molested her.

"You preyed on innocent children," she said staring down Alamo, who wore yellow prison scrubs and a windbreaker for the hearing.

"You have the audacity to ask for mercy. What mercy did you show us?" she said.

A moment later she asked, "What kind of man of God does what you have done?"

Another religions monster bits the dust. Hooray for small victories.