Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spit on a Christian

I read an article in today called Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them.

A few weeks ago, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Israel attended a meeting at a government office in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul quarter. When he returned to his car, an elderly man wearing a skullcap came and knocked on the window. When the clergyman let the window down, the passerby spat in his face.

I expected to read that the clergyman jumped out of his car and beat the old man in retaliation. But no, the clergyman turned the other cheek. He was used to being spit on by Jews. It happens al the time. 

Taleinat on Reddit offered the following:

There's nothing anti-Christian thing or anti-Muslim here, this is anti-everyone-who-isn't-just-like-me. A relatively small group disdain everyone who isn't like them, and want them to get out of their life and their city. They want Jerusalem for themselves and for those who believe what they believe, not a pluralistic Jerusalem. So they make life as miserable as they can for everyone else, hoping those people will get fed up and just leave.

It’s interesting to note that the practice appears to have the tacit approval of the local religious and governmental authorities. I would think the victims would have developed defensive measures, like a can of mace or even a bear sized can of pepper spray. One spray repels all religious nutters.

I can see a new tourist trade develop for Israel. Jews the world over could travel to Israel for spitting holidays. I can see it now… Come to Israel and enjoy a unique opportunity to spit on our Christian and Muslim citizens. They are preconditioned to accept the abuse and are unlikely to retaliate. Book early to get your spot for Christmas. The city will be full of Christians just asking for a phlegm facial. Bonus miles award if you hit a bishop!

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