Saturday, November 07, 2009

Prophet O’Meal Reid accused (Again)

Reid_Omeal O_small My spider senses are tingling. Whenever a self-proclaimed and uneducated prophet starts talking about the media destroying his church (watch the video in the linked article), I check my wallet. “Prophet” O’Meal stands accused of stealing $15K from an older parishioner. Read’s game is to request a loan from an older parishioner and then call it a gift.

Norma Beckett says Pastor O'Meal Reid of Every Nation Church swindled her out of nearly $15,000.

She says Reid befriended her and borrowed the money, but never returned the full amount.

"Well I didn't want him to lose the lease so I go pay for it. So he gives me a check and it bounces," said Beckett, alleged victim.

I’d cut Reid some slack if this were the first time. But no… (from 2007)

An Osceola County woman said a local pastor ripped her off for thousands of dollars to help pay for a luxury car. Marion Lallmahamad claims after only a few visits to the People From Every Nation church in Kissimmee, pastor O'meal Reid asked to borrow thousands of dollars from her. Lallmahamad said she loaned the pastor the money, and he used it to help pay for a luxury car. Now she says pastor Reid refuses to pay her back, claiming it was a donation.

He might have claimed it was a loan, but the police saw it as abuse of the elderly.

At approximately 11:30 this morning, Osceola County Sheriff's detectives arrested Omeal Reid (11/25/83) from Poinciana on an active felony warrant for Exploitation of an Elderly Person. The case began July 6, 2007, when the victim, Marion Lallmahamad's sister called the Osceola County Sheriff's Office to report fraud. According to Lallmahamad's sister, who recently was given power of attorney due to the victim's failing health, Lallmahamad met Reid, a minister when she attended a worship service at People of All Nations church in early April, 2007. Reid asked Lallmahamad for help to purchase a new vehicle because he was short of money and did not have good credit. Lallmahamad told Reid she did not have money to assist him. Several days later, Reid visited Lallmahamad at her home and again requested money. Lallmahamad told detectives she felt pressured to give Reid a loan. They went to the bank together and Lallmahamad made a cash withdrawal of $11,000. Reid told detectives this was a gift from Lallmahamad and not a loan. Several days later, Reid called Lallmahamad and requested help with purchasing a cell phone. Reid purchased a $399 phone and Lallmahamad agreed to add his bill to her existing account. In addition, Lallmahamad gave Reid $1,000 to pay for medical insurance for his child and allowed Reid to use her charge card to pay for gasoline. Reid told detectives he is a friend of the family and considered Lallmahamad his “family” and calls her “mother.” He denies taking a loan from Lallmahamad and told detectives everything she gave him were gifts to him and his wife. Detectives confirmed with Lallmahamad's doctors her health was declining and that she was not able to properly care for herself both physically or financially. Based on the information the detectives obtained, Reid was arrested and charged with one count of Exploitation of an Elder Person. He was booked into the Osceola County jail on $5,000 and no contact with the victim.

I think his title should be profit O’Meal Reid. If you have the stomach for it, try watching his preaching. Wake up people… It’s an act. It’s how he make his living.

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