Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pastor Jose Figueroa arrested

Pastor Jose Figueroa was arrested for the murder of Alex Martinez in 1998. When approached by police, he confessed.

A Buffalo pastor is facing a murder charge in connection with the shooting death of a teenager nearly 12 years ago.

Police say Jose Figueroa, 31, quickly confessed to the crime after a recent tip led them to him. Figueroa had apparently turned his life around in recent years and police believe his faith is a big reason why he confessed.

I have a question. If Figueroa was a Christian and felt compelled to confess, then why didn't he turn himself in years ago? Where is his morality if he only confesses when confronted? Those grieving for Alex Martinez did so without closure. Martinez had an infant son who grew up without understanding why his father died.  Figueroa made him suffer all these years. How is that the behavior of a man who turned himself around?  It’s bullshit.

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