Friday, November 06, 2009

Pastor David Heckman Jr. arrested

DavidHeckman Pastor David Heckman Jr. was arrested for embezzlement. He allegedly stole $50k from Habitat for Humanity.

State Police say David Heckman Jr. stole more than $50,000 from the Tioga County chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Some of that money came from mortgage payments paid by homeowners who live in homes built by the charity. Heckman was the charity's treasurer.

Money corrupts the weak minded. A pastor is supposed to above this type of pettiness. I wonder what motivates a man to act in direct opposition to the path he was meant to follow? I cannot imagine. The though of stealing from the needed, heck, stealing for anybody, is abhorrent to me. When I read about pastors who make the turn towards amoral behavior, I am stunned by the hypocrisy. You cannot claim the moral high ground if you are willing to steal the roof from over a needy person’s head.