Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Atheist Blogroll Members

We are now up to 1072 members. These are the latest to join.

  1. Recovering Cultist
  2. Scatterbrain
  3. My Views on the World
  4. dAdTHEIST
  5. My Thoughts
  6. Rabid Atheist
  7. Young Freethought
  8. Socialist International Australia
  9. The Whore of All the Earth

AtheistBlogroll5A bit of news about the blogroll. I’ve been unhappy with for a very long time. I’ve been threatened to do something about it. I collaborated with a programmer recently. The result is a viable competing product. We are working out the bugs, but I think it has a chance at hitting the big time. Of course, the Atheist Blogroll will be the first customer.  I’m looking for a server to host the service and also trying to figure out what to call it. If anyone has a good suggestion for a name, please pass it along.

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