Friday, November 13, 2009

I’m tired of bad pastor stories

I write so many stories about pastors neglecting their duties that I think it’s time for a good pastor story. Pastor Joel Miller is trying to feed the homeless. He’s fasting for up to 30 days in an attempt to gather 30,000 cans of food for a local food bank. His goal is to fill up the local food banks before Thanksgiving so needy family can eat.

Miller, a 43-year-old pastor of an independent church, has been doing a water-only fast for almost two weeks to raise awareness of hunger and generate donations for food pantries.

He wants to receive 30,000 cans of non-perishable goods. So far, he has about 8,000.

I stopped by and met him today and asked him a few questions about his effort.

Too bad Miller is in Texas. I would drive over a drop a case of can if I could. I think I’ll donate some cash instead. Miller has a website up called They accept paypal.

He’s faced down temptation better than I could.

He was at Discount Tire having a tire changed when a tray full of free Jimmy John’s sandwiches walked through the door. Miller said there’s never a time when he’d turn down a free sandwich. His hand reached out automatically, and he had to will it back to his side.

Fasting for 30 days is hard work. Feeding the homeless is good work. Hard work, good work, and a good cause make for a decent human being. I think Joel Miller qualifies as a good pastor. 

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