Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why do they go to trial?

BruceLeeGross Bruce Lee Goss must have seen his conviction coming. He was caught in the back of a car with a half nude 13-year-old girl. How do you explain that away? The self proclaimed pastor insisted on a jury trial. Deliberations took 30 minutes. Guilty!

When I read these stories I ask myself why they bother. The plea deal, however unappealing, will be better than a trial conviction. This dumb pedophile could go away for a long time. He deserves it too.

Goss was in the news before. Back in the mid-90s. His church was burned down in a wave of arson attacks against black churches. It was a national epidemic at the time. The funny thing is… Goss had recently bought the property and then purchased a $40K insurance policy on it. A few days after buy insurance his derelict church was  burnt to the ground by “racist” arsonist. It made the national news. I’m thinking there may be another motive.