Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Church Tech: MediaShout

Ever since I was a young man I’ve asked myself the same question when I encountered something I did not understand. How do they do that? It’s lead me down an odd career path. Even today, when I encounter something new, I ask the same question.

I recently attended a church service where the multimedia was over the top. I’m a student of Edward Tufte, so I admire the simple and elegant in presentations. What I saw while visiting the church was something out of a carnival. In the back of my mind I knew PowerPoint could not do what I was seeing. I was right. Churches have software developed and marketed directly to them just to manage presentations. MediaShout is a one of the leaders in this field. Check out their video for an overview.

I attend an occasional Atheist meetup group. We don’t even bring computers. I can remember one PowerPoint in the last year. It sucked pretty hard. I’m sure we won’t see anybody developing software for us.

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