Friday, October 09, 2009

Choices, so many choices

Urban Ugly Bridge

I make choices each day which dictate if I will post on my blog or not. The last week has been hard. I’ve started to have nightmares related to my hypocrisy watch posts again, so I backed off for a few days.  I was also hit with a complex project at work, so all my mental energy was stolen away.  10 hours of hard work and my brain does not like the idea of sitting in front of a computer. I have trouble enough just unwinding once I get home.  At least I have my camera. It’s weird, but I always take pictures when I’m under stress. I think the creative act is what  I need to turn my mind off. It takes the edge off. I shot this picture one day this week on my ride home. Urban ugly… I like these shots the most.

A Lutheran Pastor made a bad choice. He was busted for possession of child pornography. The dumb bastard. I hope they send him away for a few years.

Andrew John Spallek was senior pastor of Salem Lutheran Church until Sept. 23, when he resigned citing “personal reasons,” according to Sunday’s church bulletin…

…The indictment, sealed until last week, accuses Spallek of possessing 13 images of child pornography on two computers. Some were pictures of children having sex with adults, the document says.

I’m sure he was just doing research to protect children from exploitation. Or…  maybe not.

Nightmares be damned. These hypocrites demand attention.