Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sometimes they get it right

I’ve been writing a post in my head from when Henry J. Lyons wins his re-election bid to become the next president of the National Baptist Convention. Silly me. I guess I underestimated the will of the people.

Lyons was convicted on state racketeering charges ten years ago.

Henry Lyons’ problems began in July 1997, after his then-wife, Deborah, started a fire at a $700,000 Tierra Verde home he owned with another woman. The incident set off an investigation into his finances, and Lyons was eventually convicted on state racketeering and grand theft charges.

His attempt to regain control was seen as test of the concept of forgiveness. What he learned was one can be forgiven, but trust is another matter all together. It is good to see common sense prevail.