Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fleeing darkness for darkness

rifqa Rifqa Bary is the current poster child for true Christianity. She left her Muslim family in Ohio and fled to Florida fearing for her life. She thinks her family will kill her regain its honor. An honor killing may be a possibility and would be a valid reason to remove her from her family, but what if… What if this is just the story of an immature child leaving her family a wreck in the name of religion? This is what I call the ugly of uglies, one religion fighting with another religion over a child. It sickens me.

If you have the stomach for it, watch this insane tribute video. They are fighting the centuries old war for souls with Bary as the battlefield. If you don’t believe it, Google her name, or look at the YouTube videos or recent blog activity. The war is being fought in the courts and on the internet, and it is getting nasty.

I feel for Rifqa Bary. I was her age when I left Christianity for Atheism. But then, my journey was away from ignorance and superstition. I did not trade one repressive set of beliefs for another. I was liberated, but nobody cared. But then, I was not pulling at the emotional heartstrings of Christian America.

There will come a day soon when the real issue will surface. Bary is not a citizen and her status may be in question. Will America send her home? Somehow I doubt it.

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