Saturday, September 19, 2009

Female pastor gets life

Heck, this one was in my own back yard. I used to live in Moreno Valley when it was called Sunnymead a very long time ago.

Pastor Jessica Banks of Moreno Valley was sentenced to life in prison for abusing her 5 adopted daughters.

Banks was arrested in June 2005, about a month after one of the sisters, a bruised and emaciated 6-year-old, was found curled up on the pavement in front of a tax business at the strip mall.

The mall also housed Word of Life Apostolic Church, where Banks was pastor and the children attended school.

Storefront church, check. No education, check. Homeschooling, check. Poverty, check. Nutball stepmother, check. Those poor girls did not have a chance. At least she will spend the rest of her sorry life in prison. Is this a Christian? Is she going to heaven? Geez man, she violated two of her stepdaughters with paint sticks. What kind of sick pastor would do that?