Thursday, September 24, 2009

Atheist Blogroll Member 989

Looking at the world as an Atheist joined the Atheist Blogroll on September 23, 2009. This blog is member 989.

Green come to mind why you visit Looking at the world as an Atheist. I don’t know why. I could be because of all the green. Who knows. I’m just happy Justin Vacula decided to join the team.

Justin is two months in to blogging and has amassed about 30 long posts. Take this for example: This whole naming business.

So, I've pondered the following argument with various individuals:

What should I call myself?

Specifically, I'm going with secular humanist. I'm also using the term atheist now.

I'm using the term atheist to identify and create solidarity with other individuals.

Although people misrepresent the word, I am working hard to show and tell exactly what it means. Atheism often entails secular humanism, though, and a secular humanist is an atheist.

Based on his love of green, I’m going with the Green Atheist.

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