Wednesday, August 05, 2009

If a pastor says it, then I believe it

Well call me a cynic… Rev. Erik Swanson think a member of his congregation is innocent of the charge of molesting an 11-year-old child.  Swanson said that Thomas Anderson is a “beloved member of our church”. By know, we all know that being a member of a church,  or calling oneself a Christian, are not good indicators of future behavior. And, Anderson was witnessed doing something hinky….

According to the district attorney's office, two witnesses reported seeing Anderson acting inappropriately with a child while serving as a volunteer security guard at a Gold Pride professional women's soccer game July 19 at Santa Clara University's Buck Shaw Stadium.

I really hope this is all a mistake, because if not, the authorities need to look deeper. Anderson has been working around children for a long time.

Anderson, elected to the California Youth Soccer Association's Hall of Fame in 1987, founded the West Valley Youth Soccer League and led West Valley United, a team for boys 12 and under, to the state and regional championships in 1981.

And note to the press, interviewing a pastor is not news. They can only say one thing. Don’t you understand that? How about interviewing somebody who can shed light on the crime? Would that be too hard?

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