Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Catholic Grady pleads not guilty

I always hope that when a pastor is confronted with his crimes, they see the light and confess, especially the pedophiles. It happens, but so rarely. I had hoped that Rev. James P. Grady would be a stand up guy, but no. After being caught trying to buy an $80 blowjob from an agent posing as a underage girl, he still thinks he has a shot at going free. Of course, with the mountain of evidence they have on him, the only question Grady needs to worry about is, “Bitch or Bull?”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Howard Marcus filed notice Monday that evidence includes e-mails and phone conversations allegedly exchanged between Grady and an undercover officer, as well as the things he said after his arrest and a video of his visit to a house where the 16-year-old was supposedly located.

The video will be fun to watch. I wonder how long we will have to wait?