Sunday, August 30, 2009

I met an Atheist today

Crystal CathedrialI was walking near the bar at my hotel this morning when a man stopped me to ask directions to the Crystal Cathedral. He spoke English with a heavy but unfamiliar accent.  From the cut of his clothing, new orange pants with a thin yellow shirt, I placed him as European, possibly German. I don’t even think they sell orange pants here in the states.

I was nice to him because he was nice to me. But he was persistent and followed me out past the pool to my truck. He explained that he wanted to see the Crystal Cathedral because he heard it was the equivalent of Norte Dame Cathedral but in Anaheim. I told him that I had been to both and there is no comparison. It’s just a big ugly glass tower. I was afraid he would be disappointed. He persisted, he even asked me to drive him to the church after finding out  it was a few miles away. I told him to tip the shuttle bus driver instead.

I found his parting question hilarious. He asked me how much money he should give when they pass the collection plate. It seems he wanted to sit through a church service. I told him they did not need his money as they were a very rich church. He smiled at that and then asked if $20 would be ok. Giving up, I nodded yes.

He tried one last time to get me to take him, even asking if I would like to attend with him. I told him that I was an atheist and did not go to church. He smiled while tapping his chest and said, “I also.”

I asked why he wanted to go to church, he responded with, “I want to see a protestant worship spectacle.”

I smiled as I walked back to my room. My faith restored…

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