Monday, August 31, 2009

Another priest accused of child molestation

This time the priest is from Watertown, MA. Rev. Frederick Barr stands accused of sexual abusing a child two decades ago. Barr is currently pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Watertown.  Signs of denial are already surfacing. This was one covered all the basis. From BiiKist:

Why wouldn't he abuse a child. He is a priest. He has no wife. He has hormones. In order to be a priest he refuted normal sexual relations with a female. In my book that screams out homosexual. So it would follow by some peoples thinking he is also a child abuser. Homosexual=child abuser right? No I do not believe any of that claptrap. However many do. The catholic church seems to have bottomless coffers and some people simply wish to get a share of claim the priest abused you...get a payoff to shutup and all is well. I was an altar boy...I wore those dresses and did all that catholic altar stuff.....wasn't for don't wear dresses I don't care what name you give them.Kilt or cassock or robe..they are dresses and real men do not wear them. Funny I never heard of a sacrement of pennance.....must be one of those remove my guilt things.

I think BillKist likes to wear dresses… Well, that is my read anyway.